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Monday June 20, 2005 11:40 PM

You don't know what you've got 'til it's Ann Harrell

Bourbon, IN: I barely knew Jim Manders. I talked to him on the phone back in January when I heard about The Board Talk closing. I exchanged email with him several times regarding his baby, Lagging4s, and we shared tournament information back and forth for publication.

We were exchanging email the weekend of his death to discuss an article idea I had and I asked him when would be a good time to call him. He told me that he could no longer talk. Even then I didn't realize how ill he must have been even though I had a grandfather die of throat cancer. You always think that "now-a-days" they can fix such things.

Since then I've read the articles from his local papers, people he used to work with and the like. People had strong feelings about Jim Manders when he was alive and continue to have strong feelings for him in death. I'm sorry I missed my chance to know him better.

He made an impression on people, affected peoples lives and he will be missed. To quote from the article written by Michael Dashiell of the Sequim Gazette:

Good job, Jim. Nice work.

Ann Harrell
Mind like a steel trap..
Rusty and illegal in 37 states.

Opinion: Saying goodbye to one of our own

Jim Manders, former PDN and Sequim Gazette editor

June 25
This Ain't a Tournament Whistling Oyster Tavern
Quilcene, WA Pacific Northwest
Induction of Jim Manders

Upcoming Events:

June 25
Brenda's Birthday (A-B Tourney) Kane's Club Car Lounge Durand, Michigan

July 3-10
Don Crall Inaugural Memorial SW Open 2005 American Legion #73 5000 SE 24th
Del City, Oklahoma

July 1-4
Exeter Eagles Lodge #3608 555 Visalia Rd. Exeter, CA

July 2
2005 Invitational Tourney
AN & AF Club #26 5896 Fraser Street
Vacouver, BC CANADA

July 15-17
Open Doubles Tim's Timber Tavern Kelso, WA

Email your tournament results and scheduled events to

June 17-19, 2005
1.5> Bowers 2005
Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles
Town Tavern/

Summitville, IN

Glenn and Jeri Ingram hosted an Amateur tournament this weekend at their new GI's Town Tavern for players rated 1.5 and above. Approximately 35 different people from Indiana, Ohio and Michigan participated in this 3 day event.

June 17-19 GI's Town Tavern Amateur 1.5>

Indiana has never had much in the area of amateur and/or division II tournaments until Journey's End had one March 26-27th, 2004. (to the best of my knowledge)

As an unrated player, I look forward to more amateur events and combo events to encourage new players to start playing and traveling to tournaments and larger events over all. Perhaps Division II play will even be included in the state tournament format someday soon!

I received my copy of the Pacific Coast Shuffleboard News this past week and shared it with the folks at the tournament I attended. Good job guys!

National Schedule Updated!

Tthe National Schedule has been updated with tournaments not on the list and some that were on the list but didn't have flyers. I scanned the flyers to go with them. These flyers were included with the PCSN.

July 15-17
5th Annual A-B Doubles Bring Partner,
Cattleman’s Saloon Rogue River, Oregon

August 4-7
Grand Masters Plus (Multi-Event) Whistling Oyster Bar
Quilcene, Washington

August 12-14
3rd Annual "Hot Summer Nights"
Rosewood Pub Bellflower, CA

July 1-4
Exeter Eagles Lodge #3608
555 Visalia Rd. Exeter, CA

I've also added the very, very, very tentative Indiana Schedule for the coming 2005-2006 season. They are the ones marked with Subject to Change. Please note that there are two Indiana HOF events on tap for the coming year. These dates are the least likely to change.

September 30-October 2, 2005
Bourbon Legion D-DBL-S
Terry Dowell/Larry Brown
IN HOF Induction

June 9-11, 2006
GI's Town Tavern -DBL-S
Indiana HOF
Mary Brown/Debbie Voohris