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20th Annual
Mud Bay Masters
Buzz's Tavern
at Mud Bay
5018 Mud Bay Rd. NE
January 27-29, 2006

.Reported by Ruby Mitchell - February 28, 2006
We had a great time at Buzz's this year with our January tournament. The weather was cold outside but there was tough competition inside. We had several new teams as I even played and got taught a few more things.
Friday night was our open draw and went real smoothly. It was the team of Mel Hohn and Kenny Simmons that took the honors this night. We were done by midnight so we had time to practice afterwards if you wanted. It was nice to be able to go home early and get a good nights rest.

Saturday was the Buzz's Masters Tournament that is held in honor of Jimmy Tribble's dad, "Buzz". He loved this tournament that he held every year in January with a graduated entry so everyone is encouraged to play and show their skills. Most of the games went the full 3 matches that went right down to the wire. Teams started getting weeded out towards the end of the night, but it was still fun to watch. The fortunate ones that were still moving on got to play on Sunday.

Matches progressed rather smoothly with very little problems.
We watched the team of Mike Waters, who is one of the nicest guys you could ever play with or against, and Mel Hohn, who plays a great game, put on a good show. They had to double dip the team of Gary George and Jeff Kirsten, who are a tough combo to beat. Mike Waters plays a very steady game where as Mel plays very strong. What a match and great team to watch win the First Place spot. Gary George and Jeff Kirsten placed second with Dean Mako and Alvin Orcutt receiving third. They played a very strong game themselves to make it to where they did. Mike Olson and Kenny Simmons took fourth place.

Our tournament is a fun place to be as we have wonderful bartenders and great food. It is an experience that you should all enjoy at least once as we have lots of fun. The tournament host, Jim Tribble with help from his buddy, Don Mitchell, put on a wonderful tournament as usual. We were treated by some wonderful snacks that several friends brought in and were very tasty.

Hope you all can visit us sometime as we do have a Mixed Doubles tournament coming up in May. Look forward to seeing some new faces as we have some good competition up our way.

Thanks to everyone who helped Jimmy put on his tournament as it takes a lot of work to put on a tournament but what fun we have.

Thank You!

Buzz's Patron - Ruby Mitchell

1st Mud Bay Masters
Mel Hohn & Mike Waters

2nd Mud Bay Masters
Jeff Kirsten & Gary George


3rd -
Dean Mako and Alvin Orcutt

4th -
Ken Simmons & Mike Olson
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