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KC Shootout 2008
|Picture Gallery| Tuesday, April 15, 2008 8:19 PM | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 |
On behalf of Glen Tubbs and Mark Gray we would like to thank everyone who attended the 2008 Kansas City Shootout. Again and for the 7th year running a record number 124 total registered players.There were lots of new faces this year and it sounds like we will have more next year.

I would also like to thank those of you for some really great suggestions on how we can make this a better tournament for next year such as earlier start times. I think we just wore everyone out. Also maybe changing singles to the second event.Glen and I will look over all the suggestions and try to fit this tournament to your needs as much as possible. It's hard to believe that only seven years ago this was just a little ole one board tournament that has evolved into one of the largest tournaments running now with 19 boards (and if i might add great shooting boards too) .I would also llike to send out special thanks to Ann Harrell who did a great job taking all the pictures and posting them on her web site and lets not forget Kathy Yingst who handled all registrations and monies and kept the tournament running smoothly throughout the week.      

We look forward to seeing all of you at the next tournament. . . . . 

Mark Gray. . . . Glen Tubbs  . . . .
37 Teams

1st Don Roper & Craig Bendickson (WB)
1st Don Roper & Craig Bendickson (WB)



2nd Billy Mays & Barb Head
3rd Gary Hagerty & Sam Witt
4th Robert Hoffman & Tom French
5th/6th Brian Hall & Ron Sosovec
5th/6th John Wright & Stanley Poustus
7th/8th David Williams Jr & Mary Brown
7th/8th Carol Longwell & Larry Brown

Bobby Voorhis & Jim Dennis
Barbara Gray & Ginny Moore
Ronnie McMellon & Gilbert Baird
Cid Floriani & Jack Davis
Jim Moran & Terry Russell
Deeanna Quiroz & Anthony Russell
Diana Hagen & Jim Moore
Jim Payne & Charlie Riley
Mike Kennedy & Linda French
Sandy Tubbs & Larry Creakbaum
Tom White & Ann Harrell
Edward Kibler & Kevin Kelly
Ron Gamble & ET Jenson
Dee Gibson & Gene Brown
Bobby Williams & Gary Ferrou
Dave Mason & Steve Taylor
Robert Atkins & Jeri Williams
Alice Fraser & Joyce Gamble
David Williams & Mary Gray
Dave Shewbridge & Jeff Womble
Mahlon Nobles & Deb Voorhis
Linda Nobles & Julie Hartman
Sally Phillips & Glen Tubbs
Harvey Walden & Larry Hem
Rick Pittman & Manny Lane
Bob Perry & Dan Stevens
Bill Melton & Jean Roper
Marty Shepard & Marilyn Mason
Mary Ann Kennedy & Dennis Bittner
50 Teams
1st Bobby Voorhis & Manny Lane
1st Bobby Voorhis & Manny Lane
2nd Ron Campell Sr & Jean Roper
3rd Jim Filkins & Tom White
4th David Williams Sr & Scott Wilke
5th/6th Mike Kennedy & Paul Clark
5th/6th Mark Gray & Terry Russell
7th/8th Mike Taylor & Janice Hagerty
7th/8th Curtis Dean & Joyce Gamble

Dave Ramold & Taya Keesling
Rick Pittman & Barb Head
Sally Phillips & Linda French
Mary Brown & Mary Ann Kennedy
Diana Hagen & Dan Stevens
Edward Kibler & Ron McMellon
Alex Bagdikian & Dee Gibson
Larry Brown & Robert Hoffman
Ron Campbell Jr & Jim Morin
Dave Boaz & Larry Hern
Jason Olberding & Marylin Mason
ET Jenson & Rhonda Proffer
Harvey Walden & Jim Moore
Brian Hall & Steve Soltis
Don Olberding & Glen Tubbs
Mahlon Nobles & Cid Floriani
Gene Brown & Jim Dennis
Steve Taylor & Alice Fraser
Steve Walker & Justin Sparks
Bobby Williams & Gary Ferrou
Marty Sheperd & Deanna Quiroz
Shirley Geriets & Stanley Poustus
Craig White & Chris Tinker

Bill Melton & Robert Atkins
Billy Mays & Keitha Ellison
Jeri Williams & Anthony Russell
Joe Spielman & Wayne Steinfels
Deb Voorhis & Sandy Tubbs
Brian Collins & Alben McDonald
Mark Gray & Terry Russell
Tom French & Dave Mason
Dennis Bittner & Gilbert Baird
Charlie Riley & Larry Creakbaum
Jonathan Harris & Tim McKelvey
Steve Jourdan & Julie Hartman
Chuck Muehlhauser & Phil Railback
Bob Perry & Pam Bendickson
Ron Gamble & Carol Longwell
Linda Nobles & Mike White
Jim Payne & Don Roper
Ron Sosovec & Ginny Moore
Dave Shewbridge & Robert Duer
David Williams Jr & Ann Harrell

57 Teams

1st Ron Campbell Jr & Sr
1st Ron Campbell Jr & Sr
2nd Bill Melton & Steve Soltis
3rd Dave Ramold & Alex Bagdikian
4th Dave Shewbridge & Robert Hoffman
5th/6th ET Jenson & Ron Gamble
5th/6th Joe Spielman & Kenny Hudson
7th/8th Robert Duer & Jerry Romay
7th/8th Shirley Geriets & Paul Clark

Mike Taylor & Craig White
Curtis Dean & Edward Kibler
Bobby Voorhis & Gene Brown
Bobby Williams & Jason Olberding

Glen Tubbs & Carol Longwell
Sandy Tubbs & Barb Head
Cid Floriana & Jim Dennis
Diana Hagen & Linda Nobles
Deb Voorhis & Mary Brown
Sam Witt & Tom White
Johnny Wright & Lynn Kvosnicka
Mike & Mary Ann Kennedy
Harvey Walden & Charlie Riley
Bob Perry & Don Olberding
Rick Pittman & Justin Sparks
Steve Taylor & Anthony Russell
Larry Brown & Ann Harrell
Steve Walker & Sally Phillips
Mark Gray & Chuck Muehlhauser
Dave Mason & Terry Russell
Billy Coleman & Marilyn Mason
Dave Boaz & Robert Atkins
Marty Sheperd & Cory Humlicek
Larry Hern & Dan Stevens
David Wiliams & Jack Davis
Jeri Williams & Jeff Womble
Ginny & Jim Moore

Wayne Steinfels & Tim McKelvey
Chris Tinker & Rhonda Proffer
Brian Collins & Taya Keesling
Steve Jourdan & Jon Harris
Jim Filkins & Scott Wilke
Alben McDonald & Gary Ferrou
Mahlon Nobles & Phil Railsback
Gary Hagerty & Roger Ellison
Dave Dickerson & Mike Smith
Nick & Fuzz Carter
Ron Sosovec & Kevin Kelly
Stevie Burkett & Barry Pipkins
Jim Payne & Amy Humlicek
David Williams Jr & Joyce Gamble
Keitha Ellison & Barbie Gray
Stanley Poustus & Alice Fraser
Pam Bendickson & Janice Hagerty
Brian Hall & Manny Lane
Phil Sutko & Ron Girard
Billy Mays & Dee Gibson
Dennis Bittner & Jim Moran
Jeff Blanchat & Craig Bendickson
32 Teams
1st Mike Taylor

2nd Billy Mays
3rd Ron Campbell Jr
4th Linda Nobles
5th/6th Diana Hagen
5th/6th David Wiliams Jr
Bobby Voorhis
Harvey Walden
Mark Gray
Marty Shepard
Craig Bendickson
Brian Collins
Bill Melton
Dave Ramold
Craig White
Joe Spielman
Kenny Hudson
Dave Dickerson Jr

Jim Payne
Dave Boaz
Brian Hall
Alex Bagdikian
David Williams Sr
Jeff Womble
Ron Campbell Sr

Mike Smith
Mahlon Nobles
ET Jenson
Don Olberding

34 Teams
1st Mike Kennedy

2nd Scott Wilke
3rd Robert Hoffman
4th Jerry Romay


Cid Floriani
Jim Dennis
Mary Ann Kennedy
Gene Brown
Ann Harrell
Robert Atkins
Ginny Moore
Jim Moore
Paul Clark
Robert Duer
Jon Harris
Taya Keesling
Rhonda Proffer
Phil Railsback
Steve Soltis

Wayne Steinfels
Chris Tinker
Larry Creakbaum
Jason Olberding
Anthony Russell
Barb Head
Joyce Gamble
Steve Taylor
Terry Russell
Tim McKelvey
Kevin Kelley
Ron Girard
Cory Humlicek
Sam Witt
Dan Stevens

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