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June 17-19, 2005
Mims Summertime Shuffleboard Open - 2005
Fill-N-Station Mims, Florida
Wednesday July 20, 2005 10:18 PM

Mims, FL
: Friday, June 17th at the Summertime Shuffleboard Open featured two blind draws. The 1st draw was one by Carol Horchler and Dave Macko. The 2nd draw was won by Sue Swindle and Marty Allen.

Saturday June 18th, began with voting on the most improved male and female players for 2004. The most improved male player award went to Kelly Mullins of Mims, FL and the most improved female player award went to Vicki Loos of Titusville, FL. Congratulations to Kelly and Vicki!

The A/B Draw held on Saturday paid to three places and the winners were:

1st Place
Mike Parrish, Land-O-Lakes & Phil Young, Edgewater

2nd Place
Marty Allen, Mims & "Mama K" Kellison, Titusville

3rd Place
Jerry Gray, Cocoa & Doug Roberts, Mims

June 19th, 2005 Bring Partner:

1st Place
Jerry Gray, Cocoa & Dave Macko, Titusville

2nd Place
Georgene Brown, Land-O-Lakes & Mike Parrish, Land-O-Lakes

3rd Place
Rusty Nowakowski, Mims & Ursula Badouin, Mims

A big thank you to Granny Tonia for these tournament results!



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