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2006 Canadian Masters
Longboard Tournament
Royal Canadian Legion # 83
Burnaby, British Columbia
August 17 – 20, 2006

Reported by Elaine HIll
Tuesday, August 22, 2006 11:30 PM
Thank-you to all our sponsors, volunteers, and visitors for a successful event again this year! Prize monies totaled $8500 including $2100 added through sponsorship and fund raising efforts. Congratulations to our winners.

A job well done!

Division 1 Doubles:
1st place - Gordie Smith (Coquitlam, B.C.) & Marv Wilbur (Skagit Valley, Washington)
2nd place - Don Stalsworth (Medford, Oregon) & Kabal Bimb (Victoria, B.C.)

Division 11 Doubles:
1st place - Mario Briones (Skagit Valley) & Joe Paszkowski (Skagit Valley)
2nd place - Harry Oda (New Westminster, B.C.) & Ken Griggs (Vancouver, B.C.)
3rd place - Katie Docile (North Vancouver, B.C.) & Dan Williams (North Van)
4th place - Marty Atkinson (Surrey, B.C.) & Susan Clark (North Van)

Open Singles:
1st place - Rick Gindt (Tacoma, Washington)
2nd place - Tom Campbell (Tacoma)
3rd place - Mario Briones (Skagit Valley)
4th place - Brian Burchnysky ( North Van)
5th/6th place - Marty Atkinson (Surrey) & Jake Jacobs (Victoria)

Ladies Doubles:
1st place - Jackie Stolarchuk (New Westminster) & Pat Preymak (Coquitlam)
2nd place - Diane Heil (Burnaby, B.C.) & Elaine Hill (Surrey)

A/B/C Draw Team:
1st & 2nd place Split Decision (tied after first 2 out of 3 playoff match)
Gordie Smith (Coquitlam), Ed Stolarchuk (New Westminster) & Ron Gray (Vancouver)
Eric Kolstad (Burnaby), Elaine Hill (Surrey) & Avis Sinclair (North Van)
3rd place - Joe Paszkowski (Skagit Valley), Lorraine Burchnysky (North Van) & Ken Butts (Burnaby)
4th place - Brian Burchnysky (North Van), Tommy Joyce (Burnaby) & Randy Storjeoff (North Van)

A good portion of our added money comes through ticket sales on an annual Basket raffle where our shuffleboard community in the Greater Vancouver area work together to sell and buy tickets in a large group effort. This year was a tremendous success. Thanks to you all!

1st Prize - Gerry Chang (Burnaby, B.C.)
2nd Prize - Earl Coles (Spokane, Washington)
3rd Prize - Marie & Billy Callaghan (Vancouver, B.C.)
4th Prize - Don Wooding (Vancouver)
“Triple Crown” Shirts – Dick Moore (Vancouver) & Gordie Smith (Coquitlam)



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