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Bobby Goldsmith - 30 Minute Video
Song written and sang by Joe Scott, Bobby Goldsmith's nephew.

Bobby was born in Marmaduke, Arkansas, but when he was seven years old, someone told his father, "Go West, young man!" so they packed up the family and left.

If you have ever seen the movie, Grapes of Wrath, Bobby said that depicted his family perfectly. The only difference was, the old truck in the movie made it all the way to California, but the Goldsmith's didn't. It gave up the ghost in Kingman, Arizona, so the family sold all their belongings, and they put Bobby's little sister Robbie and his mother on a train, then Bobby and his dad hitchhiked from Kingman to Visalia, California. They settled down just two miles from the place where Mr. G's is located.

Through the years, Bobby has been involved in a wide variety of interests. He played semi-pro baseball, raised a few horses, raised a whole lot of pigs, did a few rodeo shows as a calf roper, fought a whole lot of roosters, and collected old Cadillacs, clocks and antique guns.

In 1964, Bobby bought a bar, The Hut, which had a 17 foot shuffleboard in it. When his customers went down the road to play on a regulation sized shuffleboard, Bobby quickly learned that his was not regulation size. Well, needless to say, out went a wall, he extended the building, and in went a regulation shuffleboard. Thus began the long story of the game of shuffleboard for Bobby Goldsmith.

It was a common occurrence for Bobby to set up sessions at the old Hut and later at Mr. G's.
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